“ALEC Welcoming Committee Sets Up Camp In SLC” – ABC news

ALEC Welcoming Committee Set Up Camp

and Kicked Off a Week of Protest on Monday with

The Parade of Empty Plates and People’s Picnic

On Monday … The Parade of Empty Plates – WAS A BIG SUCCESS! and it was lots of fun. More to Come… Here is Ch 2 ABC http://pocketoption.br.com/demo-account news coverage live last nite. We continue protesting in the park (City County Bldg.) 24/7 til Saturday. Join us. Bring a sleeping bag and/or Canopy. No tents please.


“”ALEC Welcoming Committee Sets Up Camp In SLC”


On Tuesday ALECwc outreach continued with picketing at the Grand America and Washington Square Park (City/ County Building).  We outreached massively with signs and flyers at the Fireworks display at Liberty Park.  Governor Herbert quite unconvincingly pocket option promo code tells Utahns to ‘not worry’ about ALEC’s influence on  in Utah.

ABC Channel #2 Again broadcast live from our Occupation at Washington Square Park accross from the Grand America.


“Is ALEC Influencing Gov. Herbert?”


All week ALECwc will exercise the First Amendment on the west lawn of City Hall, 451 s. State st, Salt Lake City.

For a schedule OF EVENTS


Join friends of the ALEC Welcoming Committee in Washington Square Park (5th south & State St), Salt Lake City for a free expression campout on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday July 25-27th, 2012 @ 6pm. (No fires, No tents, sorry (ALECwc is working w/in rules)) (the permitted ALECwc Free expression activities are daily and you can ‘reserve your spot’ at 6pm the day before the free expression activity.)

Bring a blanket or sleeping bag. (No tents at this time, were sorry.)

There are activities each day and evening until 11pm.

Check the CALENDAR    www.ALECwc.org/calendar

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) holds its annual meeting this week, July 23-27 in Salt Lake City to dish out more “pork” through 50 state legislatures to some of the Nation’s largest corporations, but more people are asking why there is no slice of pie for the poor and the middle class. This summer, community activists organized a coalition called the ALEC Welcoming Committee (ALECWC) to expose ALEC’s pocket option promo code 50 on workers, immigrants, teachers and voters  during ALEC’s five-day conference in Salt Lake City.  According to the ALECWC’s “Community Invitation,”  “…the ALEC Board of Directors fine dines July 23rd in the confines of Salt Lake’s Grand America Hotel while the people’s plates are once again literally and figuratively coming up empty.

A recent analysis by the Alliance For a Better Utah, a government watch dog group concludes that ALEC’s legislative proposals  “…would tilt the tax code in
favor of wealthy corporations, privatize Medicare and Social Security, lower wages, eliminate employee rights, ship American jobs overseas, and remove protections for American consumers.”


For a complete and updated schedule of events see http://www.alecwc.org/calendar/

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